Sunday, August 18, 2013

Clean up Day at Chidamoyo

At our last Heads of Departments meeting it was suggested that we have a Clean up day for the hospital that the community could come and help.  We thought that was a great idea to give the hospital a thorough cleaning.
So yesterday (Saturday)  morning we had over 150 people that joined us.  Each head of department came and took the number of people they needed and supervised and worked along side people to thoroughly clean.  We had 80+ year old grannies to 5 year old children helping, and all of our 9 month pregnant mom to be came out to help.  They scrubbed the labor ward top to bottom!  Even our doctors cleaned up their office!
They worked for about 3 hours and then we had everyone sit to thank them and then gave them all a drink and then they were off!
We all worked along side each other and we were laughing and had a great time.  Everyone at the end  said let's do this every month!  I am not sure about that it was a bit chaotic at times!  Now we can
plan better what needs to be done!
I was the only casualty.  As I went to check on people working in Pediatrics, I slipped on the ramp and  fell, and dislocated by little finger on my right hand at the second joint ending up with it at a right angle.  Just got up walked into the next ward where Dr. Kajese was making rounds, he pulled it back in the place, and off I went to continue work.  It is a bit swollen, but no really painful !

Cleaning in the kitchen

Cleaning in laundry
Cleaning X-Ray room
Cleaning toilets

Pregnant women cleaning up Maternity Unit

Picking up trash in the yard

Washing windows in OPD

Cleaning in theater

Cleaning in Pediatrics

At the end of cleaning, Dr. Kajese thanking all the people

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A BIG wedding, birthday celebrations and holidays in August

This past week was busy getting ready for a big wedding.  Tapson Nyamaharo who works as our Diesel Mechanic/Driver married Tendai Masinire.  The wedding had been planned for several months and we had been having meetings to make sure everything go done and by who, and finally the wedding happened on Saturday, August 10th.

As happens with most weddings here, it was suppose to start at 9 a.m. and it actually got started at 11 a.m.  The minister came at 10:15 and finally 45 minutes later we got everyone to the church.

People showed up before 5 a.m. to start cooking in my driveway  as the bridal party and family members and VIP came to my house in between the wedding and reception, to eat.  We decorated the dining room outside and had tarps up for the other tables.  As I was working with Mrs. Mereki the Maid of Honor (called Best Lady here) came running and hysterically crying  to say she had burnt her  dress on the back—a satin material.  We quickly figured out to make some ribbon bows to sew on both sides of the dress to cover the burn and no one noticed!

I drove the groom and groomsmen to the church and we waited another 45 minutes for the bride to show up.  We were all beginning to wonder if she was the “run away bride!”  The wedding ceremony took 2hours and finally after 1 we proceeded for pictures and lunch.  I drove the bridal and groom and best lady and best man and the groomsmen in the Jeep.  We took the top off to make it a 
convertible.  We drove up to the township and around the hospital before pictures!

The lunch was big—sadza, curry flavored rice, chicken, beef (they killed a cow and 40 chickens! and potato salad and fruit and yogurt topping for dessert.  We were so full we never had dinner that night!  Then we were off to the reception about 2:45, where even more people joined in. They had feed all the other people at the church.   We sat under tarps outside the church with the bridal party up on the steps of the church at tables.  The bridesmaids and groomsmen danced in to music and then performed several more dances during the reception.  They practice their “steps” for several weeks before the wedding.

Then the gift giving starts with the bride’s family, then the groom’s family and then other people.  Each gift is announced with much ululation and dancing and shouting.  Even if it is $1 it is a big 
thing.  They received many pots, dishes, cups, and money and it was a great time by all.  The reception wound down about 5:30 as it started to get dark.  After the clean-up we all collapsed and by 8:30 I was in bed!  The bride and groom spent that night in my rondoval for their honeymoon.

Summer came back on Thursday morning when we woke up to 70 degrees at 5 a.m. instead of 59 as it had been the morning before!  It is now getting up to 90’s during the day so it seems like summer is already with us a few weeks early.  I haven’t taken my blanket off my bed yet but it might be soon.  We hope it is not a hot and long time until rains start.

This week Monday and Tuesday were holidays to celebrate Hero’s Day and Armed Forces Day. 
looked forward to sleeping in and at 5 a.m. Monday morning Major called to talk on Facetime—  I said call back later!  Then at 5:15 my alarm on my phone went off—I gave up and just got up!  There is always plenty to do!

I did get to come to the hospital at 9 and we worked until 1 each day so it was great to have 2 afternoons off in a row!  No further holidays now until December!

Monday night we celebrated Mrs. Kajese’s 30th birthday with a dinner and party.  We decorated and made red velvet cupcakes for dessert.  We had a great time and a great celebration.

Tapson and Tendai

The Bride and groom and Best lady
Outside where the eating took place

No Kajese celebrating her birthday! She has the famous Chidamoyo hat and birthday glasses on

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Old friends, birthday party and elections

This week we had visitors from Carl Junction, Missouri, Karen and Isaac Barringer.  Isaac grew up as a missionary kid here from 1990-1996 when his parents, Jeff and Debbie Barringer worked as our Maintenance Family.  Karen and Isaac have come back to explore the possibility of working as missionaries in Zimbabwe with their 2 daughter Lauren and Jaylene.  They are looking at helping out our hospital in Mhangura, Makonde Christian Hospital.

They spent 4 days with us seeing where Isaac grew up and I put them to work doing month end reports (yeah they came right at the right time to do those!) and organizing some of the boxes that came in the recent container.  We had a great time with them and will meet them for a day in Harare when they leave on Friday.  They drove off to Doma to spend the weekend there and then will be at Makonde Hospital next week.  We sent them off with a patient to drop in Karoi for us.  His dad did a lot of ambulance trips for us—so just like old times!

On Tuesday night we celebrated Carolyn Mereki’s 16th birthday!  Her real birthday was on the 8th of July but she is in boarding school and so we couldn’t celebrate until she came home for school holidays.  We had dinner for 11 of us and made her wear the famous Chidamoyo birthday hat and birthday glasses!  We did Facetime with her daddy (Major) so he could be part of the party too!

This week we had elections for President, Ministers of Parliament, counsillors, Senators and local people.  As I write the President has not officially been announced but the MP’s are 2/3 or more ZANU-PF which means that 89 years old Mugabe has won another 5 year term.  There is a lot of depression and anxiety but we put it all in God’s hands.  We know God is in control of Zimbabwe.  Continue to pray.

We have about a 6 week break until our next visitors and I look forward to catching up on projects at home.  Work always keeps me busy so now I might have some time to relax a bit!

We hear from Major and he has been well received by churches and friends.  He is eating too well and drinking too much root beer!  I am sure he is putting on the pounds!  Thanks to all who are taking such good care of him!  He also drove on the freeways in LA this week—wow!  He said it went well.
 Isaac and Karen doing month end reports
 Carolyn's Sweet 16 party
Enjoying the birthday dinner
 Blowing out 16 candles is hard!
 Karen and Isaac going through boxes from recent container
Karen, Kathy and Isaac
Election posters come down