Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Buildings, Friends, University and a Scottish Wedding in Africa!

The rebuilding of the burnt part of the hospital is going well and we have found very fast builders.  They are promising to be done by September--we hope so.  They have added on a dining room and working around some existing walls now for the inside part.  Major is going to Harare this week to buy more supplies to keep us on schedule.  We are also building a new storeroom to keep all the drugs as we have not included that in the rebuild--since we want it away from any potential fire in the future!  Thank you for all your prayers and support and donations as we have struggled through this!
On  the 19th of July, my friends, Karen and Ben Pennington from Masvingo ( 3 hours south of Harare) came for a 3 day visit.  Ben and Karen have been missionaries in Masvingo since 1976.  We met then and have been friends ever since.  Neither one of us expected to be here in Zimbabwe, almost 40 years later!
I put Ben to work on Sunday preaching at church in the morning and the hospital service in the evening.  Then Monday I gave them a computer project which they started for me and helped me a lot to get most of it done.
On Monday the 21st Major and his wife Patience and Emily, our visitor left from Harare to take Major and Patience’s son, Michael, to University in Midrand, South Africa.  This is a city half way between Pretoria and Johannesburg.  He is 21 years old and happy to be going on to school after 1 1/2 years sitting and trying to do other things.  They took him down to get him settled and he started school yesterday on the 28th of July.  They were impressed with the campus, the security and all.  He is living in the dorms but has to cook for himself.  He likes instant Noodles so I think he will be buying that by the case!  Everyone enjoyed being in South Africa--the land of plenty and shopping!  Of course I sent a “small” list of things for them to bring back!!
On Friday the 25th of July I flew down to Bulawayo from Harare in the evening to meet up with them.  My plane was delayed and we weren’t sure we were going at all--but by 9 p.m. we finally reunited at the Lodge we stayed at.  On Saturday the 26th we attended a renewal of vows wedding of Sylvia’s nephew, Tribute Nyoni and his wife Thembi.  They had been married 6 years ago in Scotland and wanted to come home and have an African wedding for friends and family here.
Tribute and his best man wore kilts and it was a wonderful wedding!  They had it at a hotel that is a castle in Bulawayo--Nesbitt Castle.  We had so much fun and we were there from 2 p.m. until 11 p.m. and it was still going strong!  As the “Auntie” I helped with the cutting of the wedding cake.  We had fun with the dancing, dinner and the MC kept us laughing.  Many of their friends from the UK and SA came to celebrate with them.  Their 3 year old daughter, Caitlin,  was in the wedding party too.  They have recently moved last year to near London as Thembi works as a Radiology Technician and Tribute is a Psychiatric Nurse.  We wish them many more years of marriage!
On Sunday we got up early and ate breakfast and traveled the long way home from Bulawayo. We left at 830 a.m. and got back to Chidamoyo at 7 p.m.!  Major and I shared the driving so it went by faster!  We were all exhausted when we finally got home.
Our visitor, Emily leaves on Wednesday to fly Thursday to Victoria Falls to meet up with her mom for some days in the Falls and on safari before they leave for home from there.  She is excited to see her mom after a month away and excited to have company on her time in the Falls and on safari.  We wish her well in her future endeavors.
This week started with cold and overcast days.  Winter is still here--we hope it ends soon!
 New dining room
Rebuilding inside the old kitchen

 Ben preaching on Sunday morning with Gill Matiirira translating
Ben and Karen hard at their computer work
Midrand Graduate Institute--Michael's new College

Major and Michael going up the steps of the dorms

Major, Emily and Patience at the wedding

Mr. and Mrs. Tribute Nyoni and Aunt Kathy

Aunts on both sides of the family with Bride and Groom
Aunts helping to cut the cake

Saturday, July 5, 2014

New visitor and Rebuilding has begun!

We welcomed to Chidamoyo, Emily Hutchins on June 28th.  She flew in from Seattle, WA to join us for a month of work with us.  She graduated from college last year in Biology and is trying to find out what she would like to do in medical work.  She has been busy helping Major with his financial report, filing for our ART clinic, helping me with month end reports, watching a C/Section, going out on a vaccination clinic and doing vital signs for our out patient clinic, and drawing blood for CD4s--all in her first week here!  More fun to come!

On Monday the construction company we have hired to do the rebuilding showed up and began work! They have started working on building a new dining room that will be attached to the kitchen.  They have almost finished the foundation in 4 days--they are moving fast!  Yeah!

UK Trust has bought a new electric Industrial washing machine and laundry pressure for us again.  As well as purchasing a new engine for our new borehole.  We are so thankful for all they do with us!  Gilly Withers celebrated her 70th birthday today and we wish her many more!  She and her husband Mike run our UK Trust and are always such a big help to our work!  Happy Birthday Gilly!

My retirement home at Major's village in Batanai has begun and this week they finished the grass roof on the open kitchen/dining room.  It is very big and people are coming to look at it.  They should be starting the house soon.

We are celebrated the 4th of July tonight on the 5th since we had to work all day yesterday--no time to cook all our traditional food.  We had hot dogs and hamburgers BBQ, baked beans, corn casserole, potato, macaroni and cole slaw salads and green beans!  Wow--what a feast.  Chocolate cake for dessert.  Emily helped Major's girls set up the decorations and everyone had to wear Red-White-Blue tonight!  Happy 238 America!

Emily working with Nurse Mparadziwa to draw blood

Starting the rebuild for the burnt part of the hospital

 Foundation of the dining room

 My new kitchen/dining room at Batanai

Happy Birthday Gilly!

 Emily and Major celebrating 4th of July

 Our 4th of July celebration on the 5th of July