Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Athens and leaving for the US

We really enjoyed our 4 days in Athens, Greece and we walked around a lot, rode the Metro and saw almost everything in all the tours we did.

Monday we did a tour of the Acropolis and the Acropolis Museum.  Truly beautiful and spectacular things.  We saw Mars Hill where Paul talked with the Greek philosophers of his time--staring at the Acropolis where the Parthenon had all of the Greek Gods represented on the entrances and around.  It must have been a site for Paul.

We then walked from there through Plaka--an amazing part of the city with many stores and places to eat.  We found a fantastic place to eat and we enjoyed it so much we never had dinner that night!  We did walk to a nearby area of our hotel for Major to have some coffee before bed!

Tuesday we did a tour of Corinth and saw the platform Paul preached from and the streets he walked on in the 18 months he lived there.  It was truly an amazing experience for us.  There are 3 inscriptions in stone there that prove what Paul wrote about in Acts.  We really enjoyed it.  We took the bus home and spent time downtown and then took the Metro to a mall--not that impressive, and then after a quick nap went out for dinner at a sidewalk cafe nearby the hotel.   We got moussaka.

Today we went to the National Archaeological Museum which was right across from our hotel.  It had many of the original pieces of sites we had seen in Rhodes and Santorini.  We enjoyed that and also seeing statues of the Roman rulers and Kings mentioned in the Bible during Jesus and Paul's time.

We then went back to Plaka to walk around and see some more shops--did a bit of shopping and then headed back to our favorite dining place we had been at on Monday for lunch.  We ate a late lunch/early dinner and then came back to nap before starting to pack up for our early flight tomorrow.  We will go look for coffee later this evening.

We need to leave our hotel at 0430 a.m. to get to the airport for a 0630 a.m. flight to Paris and then from Paris we go on to San Francisco--arriving at 1:30 p.m. tomorrow--(10 hour time change).  We look forward to our next stage of our trip and seeing friends and family and reporting to our supporters. Keep praying for Chidamoyo as we are away!

Greek changing of the guards in front of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

On top of the Acropolis 

In front of the Modern Olympic Stadium in Athens

 Major on top of Mars Hill

Corinth Canal

 Inscription for Synagogue where Paul preached in Corinth

 Major standing on the podium where Paul preached in the town square of Corinth

Major on road Paul walked on in Corinth

Major at the Roman Agora in Athens

 Major and Zeus

Major at the National Archaeological Museum

 Persian church in Plaka

This was our lunch for 2!

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Cruising the Mediterranean, Arriving in Athens

We left on the 15th of August after 3 nights in Rome on a cruise.  We left on a Princess Cruises from Rome and we were on board for 7 nights.  We travelled from Rome to Naples the first day.  We got off and toured Pompei and then drove the coast to Almafi and visited in this small coastal town where there is a Catholic church where the Apostle Andrew's bones are buried.

Day 2 was at sea.  We enjoyed swimming, watching a movie under the stars and boy did we enjoying the eating--too much!  Major did a line dance class and enjoyed that!

Day 3 we were in Crete and enjoyed a tour of ruins there and enjoyed some shopping on the street.  Day 4 we were in Rhodes and enjoyed another tour of the island and ruins there before again having time to shop in the city before heading back to the ship.

Major had to leave in Rhodes and take a ferry to Santorini, Greece as his visa didn't cover him going to Turkey.  I continued on the ship and the next day had a tour of Ephesus and we ended up in Kusadasi seeing how handmade rugs are made and enjoying all the leather they make there.  Day 6 we met up with Major on Santorini where we took a bus to see some ruins there and walk the narrow city streets enjoying all the shops and then taking a cable car straight down the mountain to the port.  

We left the ship this morning in Athens (probably 5 pounds heavier!)  and are now here for 4 days to enjoy the sites.  We went for a long walk and used the metro today.  Tonight we are going out to see the city lights and go to a Greek dinner with music and dancing.  Maybe Major will learn to be Zorba the Greek!

 Major on board the Emerald Princess

 Walking the streets of Pompei--notice the  chariot wheel marks on left

Cast of body found that died during the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius

 Almafi statue of St. Andrew

In cathedral where Andrew's bones are buried

 Enjoying coke in the sun!

Line dancing on the ship

Exploring Knosses in Crete

Paintings in the Queens bedroom at Knosses-Crete

 Shopping in Crete

Returning to the ship in Crete

 Roman ruins in Rhodes

St. John's Crusaders Governors Villa

 Walking the streets of Rhodes


The road Paul walked in Ephesus

Movies under the stars on the cruise

 Ruins in Santorini

 Beautiful Santorini


 We made it to Athens!

 Major found a Greek Coke!

Our view for lunch

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Youth conference, Flying out of Zimbabwe--now in Rome

Just the weekend before we left we had a 5 day youth meeting for our province at Chidamoyo.  They had over 380 youth that registered and by the time you included 200+ local youth the church was quite crowded.  We joined them for church on Sunday and the church was packed--people sitting in the windows, the floors and benches.  We enjoyed some special music by the youth and a visiting minister preached from Karoi.  It was all very fun for the youth.

We left Chidamoyo on Monday morning to spend a night in Harare before we left.  We enjoyed dinner with Dr. and Mrs. Kajese who are expecting their first baby in September.  She is getting bigger and only has 4 more weeks to go.

On Tuesday the 11th of August Major and I left Zimbabwe.  We flew from Harare to Johannesburg, South Africa and had a 4 hour wait until we continued on, so Michael who is in college near Joberg, Major's son, met us at the airport and we took him for an early dinner and boy way he happy!  He eats s lot of noodles because he doesn't like to cook much--so his chance for a real meal was exciting for him!

He walked us to the gate and we flew on Air France to Paris.  We didn't sleep much that night but got in at 5:30 a.m. and transferred to another plane to fly on to Rome, arriving at 9 a.m.  We took a taxi to our hotel.  While we waited for our room we walked to the Coliseum which is about at 15 minute walk away.  Came back, got to our room, took a shower and off for an afternoon of visiting some sights and finishing with an inside tour of the Coliseum.  We walked a lot and saw a lot.

We came home and had dinner at the hotel and were in bed by 9 p.m.--totally exhausted.  We were up at 0545 in order to eat breakfast and leave by 7:30 a.m. for a tour of the Vatican museums and the Sistene Chapel and St. Peter's church and square.  It was a wonderful tour and Major was very impressed.  

We then took our bus and got off to walk to Trivior Fountain which is under construction and has no water in it!    We did however find an excellent Gilato (ice cream) shop and enjoyed that.  We then took a  hop on and hop off bus to some of the best sites then got off to eat a late lunch and took the Metro home.  We came home to cool off and rest.  It is in the mid 90's everyday and coming from winter in Zimbabwe has been an adjustment!

We will go out soon to look for dinner and then tomorrow plan another day to look and learn around Rome! Chow!

 Major and I in front of the Coliseum

Major found his coke in Rome!

Major in front of Roman ruins

Major in church where Michelangelo's Moses is

Major in Vatican gardens

 Major in Vatican museum

Major and Kathy in St. Peter's church

Ceiling in Vatican museum

Major in St. Peter's Square--Vatican City