Saturday, June 17, 2017

More visitors and more surgeries

On Sunday the 4th of June we were joined by Dr. Darik and Mrs. Jo Taniguchi from Seattle, WA,  Darik is a GI doctor and Jo is a Family Nurse Practitioner that works in a GI office.  This was their 3rd trip here.  We are always happy to welcome them here (even if they are Seattle Seahawk fans!) and we always have lots of good fun and laughter when they are here.  They helped me with some paperwork and typing and saw patients too!  They also went out to help on a Well Baby Clinic.

On Friday the 9th of June our surgery team led by surgeon Mr. Kundaona from Harare  and Dr. Shield Kajese and wife No came out to do surgeries for us.  After dinner at 8 pm they went to work and did 2 rooms at once and were done by 2 a.m. and then slept before having breakfast.  Then they came up to the hospital to go through some of the supplies we get in our container that are too advance for us to use here.  We called it the "doctor's garage sale."  They found a lot of things they can use in their operations in Harare and in ICUs to help patients who can't afford it.

On Monday the 12th of June a medical team from Santa Rosa, CA (my hometown) joined us for a 2 week visit.  Dr. James Palleschi, a urologist who has been here 4 times before brought with him: Maria Beyer, a nursing student, Dr. David Smith a Pediatrician, Dr. Stephanie Huang, an ENT surgeon, Jeff Scharfen, a high school teacher, Oliver Trent who is hoping to get into Physician Assistance school, Carlo, Dr. Palleschi's son who is an X-ray tech and Gloria Mukuze, a Zimbabwean who is an ICU nurse in Santa Rosa and was born at Chidamoyo.  She is Sylvia's (my Zimbabwean sister) niece.

We have been busy this week with them seeing patients, doing some surgeries and really helping many people that don't have a chance to be helped because they don't have the money to be referred further.  They are also busy teaching us some techniques for assessing patients better.

On Thursday 4 of them went out on a Well Baby Clinic and helped with giving shots, Vitamin A and Polio drops.  They all enjoyed that.

Dr. Darik and Jo Taniguchi left on Tuesday the 13th to go to Victoria Falls and then flew home yesterday to Seattle.  They  had such a quick trip but we enjoyed having them here and hope they will be back soon!

All but Dr. Palleschi left yesterday for 2 nights and 3 days at Rhino Camp in Kariba.  They are enjoying seeing animals and they will have many stories to tell when they get back tomorrow night.

Surgeons going through container supplies

Dr. and Mrs. Taniguchi with Dr. and Mrs. Kajese

Busy day at the hospital in Outpatient Department

Dr. Huang with Carlo assisting showing Dr. Munodawafa how to scope a throat

Dr. Palleschi seeing Urology patients

 Dr. David Smith receiving a C/S baby

Dr. Kajese looking through our doctor garage sale

Oliver giving injections at Well Baby Clinic

Jeff giving Vitamin A drops

Dr. Huang giving Polio drops

Gloria at work in our "ICU"

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