Sunday, April 15, 2018

Busy week, Workshop, Birthday, Harare surgery team here and Tyler leaves!

This past week was busy here as we tried to finish off our month end reports and see our patients.  It was a busy week with many patients and Tyler, our medical student helped with 4 C/Sections in less than 16 hours!  He was happy!

On Thursday and Friday a Health team came to conduct a workshop here to teach us how we are going to be reimbursed for the amount of work we do in the future.  Since we see a lot of patients we do hope to benefit from this program and we hope it brings us funding for the hospital that we have not had for 2 years and 7 months. 

As we were involved with this training we all had to go in and out to see our patients and keep the hospital moving at the same time, so we were going early and coming home late to get both done.
We celebrated Dr. Isala, our Medical Superintendent’s, birthday with a cake during lunch at the meeting.  Everyone got a bite of cake to celebrate.  He has been with us 4 years this week too.
On Friday night I hosted a dinner for the team that came and my visitors—so there were 13 of us for dinner. 

Friday night to Saturday morning kept me going to my door all night.  At 2 am the driver came to take 2 of the team members to Karoi and pick up our surgeon and Anesthesiologist from Harare who left Harare at 2 a.m. to meet him in Karoi at 4 a.m. so they could come on for a day of surgery here.

Then at 3:30 a.m. another driver came to get a car to transfer a patient to Karoi who had been bitten by a hemotoxic snake and was bleeding internally and had a platelet of 35!
By 5 a.m. the team who presented the conferences left so I got up to see them off and just decided to stay up and get coffee and muffins ready for the surgery team before they started a long day of surgery!

By 6:15 a.m. the surgery team was here and ready to go but they had to wait 30 minutes as our team did a C/Section—the second one that night!  Then they started their work!

They had 12 people on their list and 3 hysterectomies.  They worked hard and Tyler got to assist and hold instruments and put some stitches in so he was very happy.  They all broke for breakfast at 1 p.m. and then came to my house when finished at 5 p.m. and had dinner.  They left at 6 p.m. to return home to Harare and Tyler went with them as he is off to spend a couple days in Harare with a urologist seeing patients and then going to Victoria Falls for a few days before leaving next Sunday.

Last night I went to bed at 8:30 p.m. exhausted and woke up at 6:30 a.m.!  Started my 4 loads of laundry to get all the linen used by the visitors cleaned before the next lot and got 2 done before the electricity went off at 10 a.m.! What a week!

 Teaching at the workshop

 Staff who attended

 Mrs. Isala lighting the birthday cake for her husband

 Dr. Isala blowing out the candles

 Saying goodbye to Tyler at devotions

 Tyler helping Harare surgeon and our doctors

Tyler doing some suturing with Dr. Isala

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Retirement lunch, Happy Easter and lots of visitors

On the 29th of  March we had a retirement lunch for all our staff at the hospital to honor 2 staff who were retiring at the end of March.

Mr. Wise Makaza, our driver for 12 years and Mrs. Patricia Tapfuma, a Nurse Aide for 28 years and work in the Pharmacy retired.  We had a wonderful lunch and Major and his family sang and we gave them each 100 broiler chickens with fencing and chicken food to get them started in raising chickens to sell.  We also gave them $100 each in cash for their service to us.

On Friday the 30th through Monday the 2nd we had a 4 day Easter holiday here.  Many of our churches had Easter meetings from Friday night through Sunday morning so it was quiet here with most people away.  I had to stay and be on call for anesthesia.  We did 2 C/Sections, but both during the day--so I got off easy!

On the 1st of April,  Dr. Chiura, my urologist from Harare, came out with 2 residents to see some patients and be here for lunch.  We set up for him to come again later in the week for some surgeries.

That evening Tyler Sheetz arrived who is a final year medical student at Ohio State to be with us for a month.  He gets back just in time to graduates and starts a urology residency at Ohio State in July.

On Tuesday 6 people from our Research team from Stanford and Harare arrived to stay until Saturday morning.  We also had a busy week covering 3 outreach sites and our support group at Chidamoyo on Saturday to draw Viral Loads for our research project.

So I kept busy going out to the clinics and drawing blood and cooking for 8 people and all with no electricity!  Our electricity went out on the 30th and finally came back a week later on Friday night!  It's always a challenge keeping food cold, water cold to drink and food hot--all with no electricity.  Thank goodness for gas stoves!

Tyler kept busy helping us draw bloods and doing 2 C/Sections this week during the night!  

Dr. Chiura came back on Friday with a resident from Harare and saw patients but then left after lunch as no one qualified for surgery.  We are starting him a list to come back for.

Our kids who are under 12 showed up for their support group and medicine on Saturday morning and Tyler drew the 42 blood draws we had.  We came home exhausted to rest in the afternoon!  Then our electricity went out again all Saturday afternoon but came back about 6 p.m. so we were very happy!  Or freezers are frozen again!

 Mrs. Tapfuma and Mr. Makaza at their lunch

 Mrs. Tapfuma

 Mr. Makaza

Major and family singing

 Tyler drawing blood from kids at Chiroti

Group being drawn at Nhari by Kathy

 Kathy drawing at Chedope

 Tyler watching a surgery

Research group with Tyler and me